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Peter Weil

whirlwind - Displayproblem

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Bei meinem Whirlwind ( habe leider keine Unterlagen oder Schaltpläne für diese Pins ) sind beide Displays komplett ausgefallen.

Tippe auf die Hochspannung

Was könnte das Problem sein. Welche Sicherung ist dafür Zuständig. Woran könnte es noch liegen

Vielen Dank und Gruß aus Frankfurt


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When thing don't work: Score Display Problems

One of the most frequent system 11 problems relates to non-working or weak score displays. Fortunately, often there is a very easy fix for this problem.

The simplest thing to check when the score displays do not work is the +100 and -100 volt DC power section of the power supply. If either of these voltages are bad, your displays will not work. And quite often, this power supply section does go bad.

Replace the 39k ohm Power Supply Resistors.

The major villain in the system 11 power supply are resistors R1 and R4. These are both 39k ohm, 1 watt resistors. Very often either or both of these resistors will go out of spec, or even completely open. This will prevent the +100 and/or -100 volts from getting to the score displays. These two resistors are mounted on the system 11 power supply board. (on newer WPC games with alphanumeric displays, these are resistors R48 and R49 on the alphanumeric display board). As a general rule, I always change these resistors (trust me, they've had a tough life, and need to be replaced, even if they test as "good").

If the high voltage fuses are not blown, and the score displays do not work, first replace the 39k ohm resistors. These are cheap and easy parts to replace (a lot cheaper and easier than replacing score display glass!) Or at least check these with a DMM. Replace these two resistors with "flame proof" 1 or 2 watt 39k ohm versions. And make sure to mount the new resistors slightly off the circuit board, so air can get under them for cooling.

Note the score display is barely working. At first, you may think it's the

display glass itself. This is infact a common problem, where the displays

"outgas" and don't show as brightly, and eventually completely die. But

before you change the expensive score display glass, change the 39k ohm

resistors on the power supply with new 1 or 2 watt "flameproof" resistors.

Gruß Andy

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Hier noch das passende Bild, diese beiden Wiederstände auf dem Power Supply solltest messen.

Quelle des Beitrag:marvin3m.com


Edited by MAAA

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erst mal VIELEN DANK für deine Schnelle Hilfe.

Werde mich am Wochenende mal hinstellen und die Teile Prüfen.

Sobald ich mehr weiß, werde ich es hier schreiben.



( Pittfall)

Edited by Peter Weil

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